...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

18 July, 2011

high summer at my house

If any of you is visiting Boston this summer,
don't miss the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.
Breathtaking large blown-glass pieces
exhibited beautifully in a setting of light and wonder.

Here in Maine, I have just welcomed our Hong Kong family
who will be staying with us for three weeks.
Since this is the reward I get for 'allowing' (ha!)
them to live so far away the rest of the year,
and since my grandson 

is a source of constant wonder to me,
I will probably be posting on a more random basis
for awhile.
If you don't see me here, or at your blog comment page,
don't think I've forgotten you.

I'm just soaking up the joy for awhile!

Happy High Summer to all of you!!


  1. oh what a sweet boy! enjoy your time with them while you've got them!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ocean Breezes & Country Sneezes! Enjoy your family and create lots of fun memories, especially with that adorable grandson!

    I'll have to check out the Chihuly at the MFA in Boston!

  3. Mike, enjoy all the moments this visit brings. What a darling boy and what fun you will have. It seems like just yesterday you were visiting him, and look how much he seems to have grown.

    Chihuly! Isn't his work amazing? PBS had a feature on him some time ago. If you haven't seen it, you might want to check it out, though, I'm sure that there were videos at this exhibit explaining how these phenomenal pieces of art are made.

    Lovely. All.

  4. Mike, hope you have a wonderful time with your family! I know you will!

  5. Your grandsone is adorable and the glass is so gorgeous!

  6. The glass is so ... so Chihuly! And your grandson is cute as a bug!

  7. Mike, this is the best part of living in Maine...to share it with family. Cherish the coming days with your darling Hong Kong family! So sorry I missed you on your drive through the neighborhood...have been east to catch up on sooo many neglected chores (poor plants!) Back soon to get ready for our young ones!

  8. Your photographs are just great. I especially love the third one, but I know which one is your favorite. What a beautiful child. Thanks for visiting my blog, it allowed me to find you!

  9. enjoy it all....

    happy to stop by today


  10. Pure joy - the glass photos and your little grandson.

  11. Ooooh I've never seen his work in person, but even the photos are amazing. ~Lili