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10 July, 2011

coastal maine botanical gardens

20 years ago it was only an idea.
An idea deeply stuck in the hearts of a group of
dedicated and fearless folks who 
envisioned a Maine botanical garden
which celebrated indigenous plants
and the beauty of cultivated and wild flora alike.

15 years ago, these intrepid people staked their own homes
on the purchase of 128 acres of mixed growth woods,
granite outcroppings and frontage on a tidal river.
It is now the largest botanical garden in New England,
and one of only a few in the country
that fronts on a body of water.

I remember walking the land early on in this project.
As we traversed what was mostly
a wooded trail, I had a difficult time imagining
what was so clearly imagined by the Garden's founders.

And here it is in 2011, a beautiful and educational 
refuge that offers the opportunity for
interaction with nature,
a feast for the five senses,  
deep meditation, and peace in this busy world.

If you are coming to Maine, you might want
to look here to learn more about this destination.
Located in Boothbay, Maine, it is
easily accessible to folks traveling a coastal route,
and well-worth the detour from Rt. 1.

I'm a kind of 'close-up' photographer.
I'll leave it up to one of you to come and
take shots of the sweep and flow of this wonderful property.

Til then, some tiny moments
from a magical place.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you had a lovely summer weekend.


  1. wow, that is a gorgeous place! what a wonderful group of brave visionaries! i hope folks will appreciate all the work that has obviously gone into this 'natural' beauty. :)

  2. Wow! That is one amazing place! I love every picture you took and sure would love to visit someday. Thanks for a great tour.

  3. Mike, Oh my, you are indeed a close up photographer! What absolutely wonderful images!
    Aren't you glad for the determination of a few people? The garden to is wonderful
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am always in awe and filled with gratitude for the vissionaries, the dreamers, and the risk takers who can see "outside of the box" and in the so doing make the world a better place full of such beauty. When I find myself in Maine, which I am determined to do, I know I will wander to Boothbay and this botanical garden, Mike.

    Your pictures are breathtaking - up close and personal. Thank you.

  5. A wonderful post with photographs that give a tantalizing taste of this remarkable place. This is an example of the vision of a few giving pleasure to so many.

  6. What a vision that garden is, and what a feast I've had on your glorious photos. I love the close-ups. I too have just posted water-lilies, but in our city's Wintergarden, not outside at this time of the year in New Zealand.

  7. I just love your photography of this place, I'm a close-up kind of person too! ~Lili