...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

07 February, 2013

people, get ready....

                                                                                  unknown photographer

We are all hunkered down.
Estimates for snowfall in these parts:   24-30 inches.

We're brushing off the snowshoes 
and the cross country skis.
Making plans to use them on Sunday
before rain on Monday 
messes up the fun.

To everyone in the storm's path, stay warm and stay safe.

We'll see each other when the sun comes out on Saturday sometime.


  1. It's all over the news. Best of luck to you, Mike!

  2. Mike, snowshoeing and hot chocolate in the woods! Fond memories!
    Hope it doesn't effect you too badly.

  3. Hi, Mike -- lots of snow on my back porch; at least four feet between me and the street...YIKES! Thought I'd post about snow and sleighs...and it's all working again! Keep outta those drifts!

  4. It's been quite a winter! I would consider is quite a success after viewing your January thaw photos. Beautifully done Mike!