...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

25 August, 2012

Did it!

                                                      seasonal repose

After four years, I did it.
I submitted two photographs to a public exhibition.
First time ever.

Aside from this site, I have rarely shown anyone
 who wasn't a friend or a member of my family
any of my art work.

Quite new to the world of making art,
I have had to be persuaded to describe myself
using the term "artist".
I have admired the creations and photographs 
of others for a long, long time.
But, due to many disappointing experiences in elementary school art
about a million years ago,
I thought of myself as someone who was incapable
of such a thing.

At best, I could follow directions in a sewing, quilting or knitting pattern.
To me, following directions did not amount to art.

I got tired of all that somewhere in my late 50s.
People I knew and loved were venturing forth
into creativity with oils, pastels, paper, fiber, and photography.
They were having so much fun.
I could no longer resist.

Our town hosts a yearly benefit for the arts in our schools 
Artists in the community enter pieces in the show,
and people come for miles around to see what's "up".

It has come to be in the last several years that the exhibit
has outgrown its original single venue.
These days, it spills from the local library
to the church next door and back again.
This year, instead of three works,
submitters can only enter two, 
due to the growing number of entrants.

Not a juried exhibit, everyone's submission will be on the walls.
Each piece is in a 10"x10" format.
Each is framed in a plain black metal frame.
Each is offered for sale at the same price,
with half of that going to the arts program
and half to the artist.

I have no fancy notions of selling anything.
The accomplishment here is taking the leap.
Having to prepare a couple of photos ready to be framed,
and write an "artist's statement" and bio,
and open myself up to the risks 
of other people's judgment.

All childhood stuff.  All very real and powerful, nevertheless.
What I wouldn't have done to have had Christie from Fine Lines
for an art teacher.  What a difference it would have made
to my sense of self.

But I'm not done yet. 
Some things just need to be refused, overcome, laid to rest, 
you know?

If you are in the Midcoast Maine area the last week in Sept.
come on down to the Brunswick Library and
 St. Paul's Episcopal Church
to see the show.
It never disappoints! 

                                                                         puddle moon

20 August, 2012

Mandala meditation

Here's something I found

while enjoying some respite time today.

It comes from the website:


...which they've asked me to mention as I share this

Find yourself five minutes for a mandala meditation,

grab a pen or pencil and some paper.

Don't worry about perfection.

Just be...

Find peace.  Create beauty. 


05 August, 2012


 A cool breeze is filtering into the room 
after a long stream of hot and humid days and nights.  
Summer windows flung wide open, 
soft rain gently patters on leaves, 
pavement, skylights, roof.  
It is almost dark at 8:05, 
and one of 'my' cardinals is chipping 
just outside the window near the porch feeder.  
This lovely creature visits several times a day.  
Here in the gentle rain, she says  goodnight.

Before I am ready, winter will be back. 
These sounds 
and these whispers of sweet fresh air 
will be a thing of memory. 
This is time to savor.  

Amidst myriad chores, 
obligations, and countless caregiving duties, 
here is our lovely, peaceful world 
inviting me to slow down and participate.  

Quiet, Mike.  Breathe.  

All the rest will be here tomorrow.  
But this here, this is NOW.   

This is what I need.