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29 April, 2012

some thoughts about being away

You've probably noticed.

I've been away from blog-land for a bit.
Sometimes I've dropped in for a comment or two.
Mostly I've visited, but made no noise.

I'm not sure I can fully explain it.
Except to say I've been trying not to make 
personal 'rules' about blogging, which has been something
that has given me joy.

And at the same time I've been a little
more reluctant to be online in any way.

My life is more complicated than many of you 
probably think.
My husband hasn't been well for several years.
He is declining in health in small steps,
but in significant ways.
I've been trying to figure out how best
to spend my quiet time in ways 
that really "feed" me without tiring me.

Much of my days find me doing "maintenance"
and "taking care":  fetching and finding
and ever "adapting to new levels of 'normal' ".

And then there were income taxes, and medical appointments,
and more resultant fatigue on my part than
I usually experience.

This winter, I found that when I'd finally have time
to get online it was rather late at night.
And although I am often quite tired at the end of the day,
I think "screen time" was jazzing me up a bit.

Falling asleep was beginning to be a challenge.

Anyone who has ever been a caregiver knows
that self-nurturing
and sleep are two essential ingredients to remaining sane.

I miss you guys, however.
I really do.
So, although I am not posting as much, I hope
you will understand,
and not forget me.

I'll be back.  I'm sure of it.



  1. i am sorry for the stresses you have. do not make blogging one of them. we'll be here whenever you want to post or read. :)

  2. Much love to you. Thoughts and prayers. Did I ever e-mail you???? THAT my friend is exactly how difficult this life is, so I totally understand!!!!

  3. Sorry, I am having problems with Blogger today -- this is what I meant to say:
    I hope you take care of yourself doing little things that give you pleasure (blogging , or not).

  4. Mike take care of yourself -however you need to do it.......life is hard and each little precious moment we can be quiet and listen to the quiet around us is good. Be well-I wish you peace my friend.

  5. Yes, blogging can be a little stressful sometimes, especially keeping up, if you know what I mean. You don't need any more stress than you already have. Just know I'm thinking of you and sending a quiet prayer. xo

  6. Mike, I wish I could support you in your trials and tribulations, I will onlybe here to read your stories I give you whatever comfort I can in words!
    I think of you as a friend and I'll be here for you!
    I wish you comfort and peace! Bless you!

  7. Blogging is meant to be pleasure and fulfilment. If it ceases to be those and especially if it affects your well-being, it has to take a lesser place. I'm so sorry life is not easy at present, but your loved ones and your health must come first. We'll be here whenever you find time and energy to post.

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  9. Dear Mike, . . . the sentiments that Perpetua expressed in her comment are mine also. As she said, "your loved ones and your health must come first." Whenever you have the time and energy and inclination to post, we'll be here to read and to share with you a life that is being hard right now.


  10. Dear Mike, my apologies for the deleted comment which was posted before it was adequately edited. I thought I had left another in its place, but like you, I was probably too "jazzed" from being on-line late at night.

    What I wanted to say was that I think your approach to blogging is right on the mark. It shouldn't be work, or an exhausting exercise. Your blog has brought joy to so many and we benefit from your unique perspective. Probably most of us have sorrows and we gather strength from one another. When you do post, your readers will be there and grateful for one very lovely blogger.


  11. I love stopping in to your blog and seeing your wonderful photos and thoughts. But taking care of yourself and yours is so much more important. Be good to yourself.

  12. Well, Mike, for a moment I thought you were writing about me. While I'm not at the caregiving stage, medical issues and time issues (including blogging late at night) have been in the forefront. All to say, I understand. As others have said so well, I'll be checking in from time-to-time, wishing you rest and strength to do what you need to do.

  13. This shows you really do know how to take care of yourself when push comes to shove. A much needed break to recharge is sometimes all it takes!